Thought of the day


Sometimes you need darkness to see the  light just as you can only see the stars and moon at night.

Like stars all those small light have always been there but when you have the sun guiding you , who needs them . Those small lights can come from far and may take a million years to reach you but I think there is perfect time and before you need one , the star was already created to show you the light. Just as you need a clear sky to see the stars you need a clear mind.Though they may appear small and twinkling but it is all you need and it may not seems so but some stars are in real bigger than our sun.So next time when you are stuck in  some dark night just look up with the clear mind and let the stars guide you through.

Courtesy – My Wifey


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, said Lao Tzu. Who am I to disagree with him? So, here it is that I make a start, a beginning, on a journey to explore myself and to contribute and to learn from the vast knowledge base that is the universe.